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Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


BBC Local Radio How bad is the A&E problem?

Image How bad is the A&E problem?

Gail Beer, Director of Operations at 2020health talked to BBC Local Radio about the current A&E situation. This was broadcast to over 35 local stations around the country. Gail, a former nurse and Director at Barts and the London NHS Trust, was asked "How bad is the A&E problem?"

Gail said that is was a manifestation of problems at both ends of the system. People not being able to access primary care and patients not being discharged efficiently. Gail pointed out people have been actively discouraged to go to A&E for the last 15 years unless of course its an emergency. She warned that although pressures have eased slightly in the last week, as soon as it stops being highlighted in the media, people will start using A&E again. Gail believes a triage system at the front of hospitals might be the answer.