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“2020health is an important and thoughtful contributor to the health debate”

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chairman, Health Select Committee


2020health Report Health, humanity and justice: Emerging technologies and health policy in the 21st Century

The report, 'Health, humanity and justice' illustrates that new technologies are about more than health and science, but concern humanity and justice too.


• Launched by Secretary of State Andrew Lansley, this report triggered the formation of a consultation group by Oliver Letwin MP, Minister for Government Policy.
• Discussions with the Chief Scientific Officer have recently begun.
• Support and responses from Nigel Gaymond, Chief Executive, BioIndustry Association, Dr Richard Barker, author of "2030 - The Future of Medicine" and Director General of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, Professor Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics, Reading University, Nigel Hawkes, Former Health Editor of The Times, Steve Bates, Director of Government Affairs, Genzyme.

Press Release Cross governmental framework urgently needed for cyber-medicine

The explosive growth of new emerging medical technologies is both exciting and challenging according to 2020health’s new report. It urges ministers to ensure that there is a risk-analysis framework at the heart of government decision-making to enable a greater understanding of the opportunities and threats, and to inform rational decision making about the direction of progress. Covering issues such as ‘designer’ babies, ‘smart’ drugs, thought control, artificial life and nano-robots the report details technologies that are actually on society’s doorstep and the ‘value’ questions that they raise. read on Cross governmental framework urgently needed for cyber-medicine